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June 1, 2017
Pierre-Laurent Aimard with Bechstein Pianos

Watch Pierre-Laurent Aimard with master concert piano technician Peter Salisbury on partnering to restore a beautiful Bechstein Piano:

Video courtesy of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and C. Bechstein Pianos

May 28, 2017
Pierre-Laurent Interview on receiving the 2017 Ernst von Siemens Prize

Pierre-Laurent Aimard spoke with German radio broadcasting outlet ARD in an interview on his winning the Ernst-von-Siemens music prize-winner, through a life in the service of music.

Aimard, the 2017 Ernst von Siemens Music Prize winner, will receive the prize on Friday, 2 June at Munich's Prinzregententheater. This award is given to artists who demonstrate a life's devotion to the service of music, and includes a 250,000 euro grant.

The ceremony will include a solo performance by Aimard plus a presentation by the Munich Chamber Orchestra featuring works by Composer Prize winners. Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts President Michael Krüger will present the prizes.

Listen here:

July 7, 2016
Preservation: An Interview with Pierre-Laurent Aimard

"Traditionally, our artistic culture is not based on imitating or inheriting models, but on transforming them. Depending on the period, there are more or less references to the past, and more or less need for new dimensions, new modernism. The period when Messiaen composed this music, after World War II, was a moment of great avant-garde activity. We don’t live in an era like that at all. But history changes all the time, it is made of waves and breaks and unexpected moments, where the mix of old and new is always balanced differently.”

March 18, 2016
Boulez and Harnoncourt, So Different, Yet More Alike Than They Realized

Their developments can be linked to the irrevocable caesura of war. “Europe had been destroyed, and had to be rebuilt completely — the cultural dimension,” Mr. Aimard said. “One needed avant-gardists; one needed people who would be revolutionary and redefine this world."