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June 4, 2015
Mesmerizing video brings cutting-edge brilliance to Bach

While that's impressive enough, the process Warburton -- a visual artist specializing in computer animation -- went through to create the computerized animation is equally inspiring. According to Sinfini Music, which sponsored the project, Warburton listened to the parts of Johann Sebastian Bach's composition he would eventually illustrate by boarding a bus and immersing himself in the music for hours.

He then needed to come up with an automated way to get his computer-generated neon lights to sound in exact synchrony with the piano key strikes of pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard, who played the music in the video.

May 27, 2015
New Online, Interactive View of Ligeti’s Works

Mr. Aimard said he considered it a duty to pass on the knowledge he garnered from witnessing the way Ligeti adjusted works after their first performances. “If at that moment you are there, you are in contact with everything that the composer couldn’t write into his score but belongs to the piece,” Mr. Aimard said. “All the images and imagination that engendered a work.”

May 23, 2015
Pierre-Laurent Aimard interview on bringing György Ligeti's work to life

Among other activities this summer, Aimard following up this coming Thursday’s performance of Messiaen’s Turangalila Symphony at the Royal Festival Hall with his usual blizzard of concerts at the Aldeburgh Festival, of which he has for six years been the artistic director. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, in tandem with Germany’s Ruhr Piano Festival, he’s launching the English version of an interactive online project through which the extraordinary piano music of Gyorgy Ligeti will be brought to a new and much wider audience.

March 20, 2015
Musicians Discuss the Influence of Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez, the distinguished composer, conductor, pianist and theorist, turns 90 on Thursday. He’s peerlessly influential, yes — but how, exactly? Six musicians explored the different facets of that influence in interviews; their replies have been condensed and edited.