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November 15, 2012
Wall Street Journal - "Understanding Debussy"

"Pierre-Laurent Aimard, 55, has the uncanny ability of seeming to be everywhere at once. One moment the French pianist is performing as an artist-in-residence at Carnegie Hall, the next he is doing the same at Vienna's Konzerthaus or Paris's Cité de la Musique, all the while fulfilling his responsibilities as artistic director of the Aldeburgh Festival. In between he will play concerts world-wide and turn out recordings as effortlessly as if they were the proverbial hotcakes." The Wall Street Journal interviews Pierre-Laurent in advance of his Carnegie Hall recital

November 11, 2012
Pierre-Laurent Aimard pays tribute to Elliott Carter on BBC Radio 3's "Music Matters"

Pierre-Laurent Aimard was amongst those who paid tribute to Elliott Carter on this week's Music Matters - "He achieved a kind of supreme freedom in writing. His flight in the 60's and 70's was to forge and organise a language that would be his language and allow him to compose as visionary for the time and then, being the master of his own language, he could express everything in music and he could be poetic, lyrical, funny, complex, moving, dramatic as he wanted and every piece by him had a different ID."

October 27, 2012
"Did Debussy build sand castles, Monsieur Aimard?"

Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today published an in-depth interview with Pierre-Laurent Aimard about Debussy's Préludes in advance of his performance of Book 1 at the Köln Philharmonie.The fascinating, often tongue-in-cheek conversation asks "Romain Rolland said Beethoven had created Gothic cathedrals. Did Debussy therefore build sand castles?" "No" answers Aimard immediately "he dreams of sunken cathedrals. Debussy composed for perfect forms, where you do not feel the hand of the architect. It's like the best works of Mozart ...

October 15, 2012
"The Artist who plays his life at the piano"

Belgium's Le Soir previews Pierre-Laurent Aimard's residency at Brussels' Bozar commenting "Aimard challenges everyone and has managed to indoctrinate the public into the frantic quest of his own internalised "sound" through his ever questful fervour