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October 27, 2012
"Did Debussy build sand castles, Monsieur Aimard?"

Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today published an in-depth interview with Pierre-Laurent Aimard about Debussy's Préludes in advance of his performance of Book 1 at the Köln Philharmonie.The fascinating, often tongue-in-cheek conversation asks "Romain Rolland said Beethoven had created Gothic cathedrals. Did Debussy therefore build sand castles?" "No" answers Aimard immediately "he dreams of sunken cathedrals. Debussy composed for perfect forms, where you do not feel the hand of the architect. It's like the best works of Mozart ...

October 15, 2012
"The Artist who plays his life at the piano"

Belgium's Le Soir previews Pierre-Laurent Aimard's residency at Brussels' Bozar commenting "Aimard challenges everyone and has managed to indoctrinate the public into the frantic quest of his own internalised "sound" through his ever questful fervour

October 15, 2012
"Pierre-Laurent Aimard chez les Belges"

"Pierre-Laurent Aimard is one of the greatest pianists of today" writes La Libre Belgique "and, of course, a great musician, but he is equally a researcher, intellectual and "trendsetter" ... He is here (in Brussels) for the second time a "house guest" at Bozar where he will give three concerts of different configurations. Pierre-Laurent Aimard has no doubt about the benefits of a residence "A home allows me to dedicate myself to small projects in depth, present different aspects of my work while creating - or strengthening - links with an institution and with an audience."

October 10, 2012
"Is an ideal there to be reached?"

The Cologne Philharmonie's autumn magazine (pages 22 and 23) talks to Pierre-Laurent about artistic freedom, authenticity in music and the paths to interpretation in advance of his Cologne residency.